Our goal is to give interested vendors the skills to create and maintain a social media presence to help grow their business.

James’ volunteer work providing social media support to Goldstream Station Market has generated huge interest by vendors wanting to know more about how social media can help their business and how to get started. As James is not able to offer individual vendors the same services he is providing to the Market, a workshop will be an effective way for him to teach vendors the skills they want and answer their questions in a distraction-free environment.

The workshop has not yet been scheduled, but we are aiming for the off-season when both vendors and James have more time available.

This workshop will be geared towards specific topics identified by vendors – we are preparing some questions for those interested in participating to identify the specific areas to be addressed to make the most of the time available! We ask for your patience while we get the workshop organized!

Should the results indicate the need for two workshops for different skill levels or different subject areas, we will do what we can to arrange for this. For example, some vendors may be interested in getting started on Facebook or Twitter, while others may want to explore the options available for on-line sales.

Workshops will be held in a wired and private environment where everyone will be able to see these tools in action, try them out on their own devices, and ask questions specific to their needs.

Stay tuned for details!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Goldstream Station Market